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Sunday, February 17, 2013

White Paper protest 2013 at Hong Lim Park

Many of us may not have a chance to be at Hong Lim Park on 16 Feb 2013.  I was there for 45 mins and find it an experience for Singapore to share our common concerns.  I only have the time to listen to 3-4 speakers between 5pm to 5.45pm, hence catching up the rest in e-way:


White Paper protest 2013: Ms Jeannette Chong & Vincent Wijeysingha speaks:

White Paper Protest at Hong Lim Park, 16th Feb 2013

Published on Feb 16, 2013
Hong Lim Park, Singapore - 16 Feb 2013.
A film montage of colourful banners and quirky Singaporeans.


The full series of the on-site audio recording:

Published on Feb 16, 2013
"A citizen's on-site audio recording organized of a series of 13 speeches (in chronological sequence) made by various segments of Singapore's population during a protest against the white paper on population at Hong Lim Park, 16 February 2013. The protest was organized by

This instance of recording contains statements made by the organizer, Mr Gilbert Goh & emcee, Mr Kuan before the speakers came to stage to share their thoughts.

The motivation for this series of online audio recordings is to provide an accessible resource to speeches made at Hong Lim Park that day. This provides listeners another avenue to understand what took place at the park and complement other similar resources on the Net.

Recordings lasted between 7 to 30 minutes, the longest & last segment contains the singing of the national anthem by participants, so patience is urged to obtain a fair assessment of what took place that day.

Kindly forgive missed segments or electronic noise recorded due to nearby cellular phone signals. Recording quality was affected by the rain present most of that afternoon but together with the ambient sound from participants, it is hoped that the audio atmosphere that late afternoon was faithfully captured."

P1 Protest Against White Paper on Population at Hong Lim Park Speech 01/13

P2 to P13, see links at:


Feb 16 2012 is the 7th Day of Chinese New Year and it is called "REN RI" (Every Body's Birthday) in Chinese. What a way to make the day so memorable...

It really was part of Singapore History that "Hong Lim Park" become a true Speakers' Corner on 16 Feb 2013. I could see that there were a few thousand people turned up for the event even in drizzling and soaking wet condition.

I hope the press and media have more coverage and we can see the full picture of the views presented and analyzed by the journalists and media!

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