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Thursday, July 14, 2011

LAS WSQ Level 2 training for library support staff

Being one of the 10 ACTA certified trainers and assessors, I am being asked by many friends and library counterparts on the details of the courses run under LAS/WSQ Level 2 training for Library Support Staff. Here is some information I extracted from LAS web page

Brief Information

"Since the closure of paraprofessional courses at Temasek Poly some years ago there has been no formal avenue for skills development and recognition for support staff in Singapore libraries. More and more support staff undertake responsibilities which are crucial to library operations and yet have few opportunities in relation to external training."

"LAS has, over the past few years, participated in the development of Library and Information Industry competency standards as part of the mapping of Singapore creative industries under the Workplace Skills Qualification (WSQ) initiatives of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA). LAS applied for, and has been granted the status of Approved Training Organisation (ATO). Last year a group of LAS members also undertook to complete the WDA approved Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), which is a pre-requisite for all those who wish to develop, train or assess in programmes operating within the WSQ framework."

The five Level 2 WSQ courses are:

Support General Reference and Information Enquiry

Support Collection Maintenance

Acquisitions and Serials Work

Provide Loans and Membership Services

Support Bibliographic Control

They will usually be delivered each month at NTU@One North or NLBA training facilities at Toa Payoh by ACTA recognized trainers.

Here is the schedule for 2011 Aug - Dec (please visit LAS website to get updated version if you are enrolling for the course):

August 2 - 3
Support General Reference

September 6 - 7
Support Collection Maintenance

October 4 - 5
Support Acquisitions and Serials

November 1 - 3
Support bibliographic Control

December 13 -14
Provide Loans and Membership

"Anyone who has been assessed as competent and received Statements of Attainment issued by WDA and LAS for all five programmes will be eligible to receive a WDA Higher Certificate in Library and Information Services. LAS hopes to “graduate” the first participants with the Higher Certificate just after the end of March 2011."

"To date the courses have only been advertised to LAS member but will be given a wider advertisement over time. The Training and Development Committee wishes to thank the developers, trainers and assessors and those who have contributed administrative support for getting the programme established.

The future plans for LAS are to continue and improve the Level 2 programmes so that, no matter where library support staff are, there are on-going opportunities to learn, share and enjoy entry level programmes such as these."

"Another group is working on developing Level 3 standards with the intention that the supervisor level of support staff may also, in due course, have access to recognised training."

Watch the LAS website events announcements for details.

For more details, please contact:

Source of information:


tomhry said...

I am seeking a new career
training in the field of libraries and on-line reference
work, and a friend suggested that I post a note in this newsgroup. I am
specifically interested in doing masters' level studies in a program
which emphasizes internet/web/online resources in particular,

so I can
focus on supporting organizations with reference assistance through/from
the internet. Would a traditional MLS degree be most appropriate for
this goal? If so, what programs might be best? If not, what degree
discipline should I seek?


Dexterine Ho said...

Hi Tomhry,

LAS WSQ Level 2 training for library support staff is not suitable for degree holder who like to pursue masters degree.

The WSQ Level 2 training is for non degree staff who are supporting the library and information service.

I think "MSc in Information Studies programme" from NTU would match your expectation:

There are similar course overseas and you just google "Masters in Information Studies" or Masters in Information Science", and you will get some useful links!

All the best!


Anonymous said...

I wish to start a career working with the libraries here, I hold a bachelors degree in science but have been out of the formal workforce for many years now.

Dexterine Ho said...


The WSQ course is for support staff in the library who are not a degree holder.

If you have a science degree, the Master course at NTU will be a better course for you.

For other info, you may email

With best regards,