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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Be the bearer of good news

Here's a task: Be the bearer of only good news today. In living out this task, note whether you find it difficult to maintain.

And if so, discover why within yourself.

-- Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso

If you reflect on how you choose the news that you like to share with others, you will understand how your inner emotion process the things outside you!

Being human, it is hard for us to be the bearer of only good news. Using only kind words and kind thought need a lot of internal discipline and decision making in the information process.

Librarian needs to apply search strategies to collect and choose useful information and knowledge for users.

Library skills is acquired through years of practice and with Internet, everyone can google, and the chances of having a good search is possible if you have time to browse and select!

If you google long enough, you will understand that browsing and selecting is also an inner process of which you apply your decision making! What is out there in the result list is only relevant to you when you choose to look at it in details.

With news from all sources, if one choose to be the bearer of good news, one needs to pause and reflect what is good and do the gate keeping job. What is available on the Internet is not critical, it is what you choose to share that is critical. Try it, it is hard work even for one day.

If you try it for a day yourself, you will understand it is not easy. Hence, when you listen to others who are the bearers of bad news or bad+good news, you will understand it is human nature and you may be less emotional when the bad news or bad words hit you from time to time!

It is hard, it is not easy to be bearer of good news!

As you go through the task yourself, you will understand and find the task difficult to maintain. With that, if you reflect, you will discover the reasons within yourself.

Dexterine Ho

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