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Friday, January 01, 2010


I am now attending Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) course, and the assessment report for Module 4A "Prepare and facilitate classroom training" motivated me to search for some Ice breakers.

I found the following sites with comprehensive collections for teaching big or small groups:

Ice Breakers from Continuing Education
"Whether you're teaching a class, facilitating a meeting, hosting a group, or attending a casual summer party, getting to know the people around you can be intimidating or very fun. Break the ice! All ice breakers are printable!"

Icebreakers, Fun Games, Group Activities
"This site features instructions to several playtested, high quality free icebreakers, fun games, and team building activities - perfect for group facilitation, the first day of class (teaching), training, and icebreakers for meetings of all kinds. To achieve good group dynamics or just for fun, these free icebreaker games can be useful as youth group activities, party games, business and corporate training activities, college group activities, activities for kids, or simply good icebreaker games for family or friends on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!"

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