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Thursday, September 10, 2009

50+ Designing for 50+ Workshop: some photos

The group photos taken at the end of the workshop!

Now just reflect on what we did on the first day:

We started the actual workshop after the briefing with cutting and pasting our Mood Board. I like the way ideas are sourced and transformed from design magazines.
The idea of "Mood Board" is very interesting yet the actual process is rather time consuming and tiring.
The Mood Board above are filled with lot of futuristic ideas. It is created with the help of the students and other group members, we have many more cut-out, yet the board is too small to host all.

Below is my simple Dream Home ideas:

There are lot of great ideas from other participants, here is the link:

Click on the colour dots and move the page side way to see the rest of the page. Most of the web page are not designed this way and many first time viewer may miss the rest of the page that way.

I do not see the need of creating pages that way, nevertheless, design students like to do things differently. They like to create something unique which may not follow the habit of web readers. I just hope that their hard work is not being missed or ignored by impatient visitors!

With the help of students, the dream home ideas we generated are transform to drawing and design ideas. It is fascinating to see the great dreams and great ideas in print.

For me, the most valuable moment for the workshop was to see all the presentations created by different groups at the end of the four day workshop.

This web page captured all the ideas, and I am sure you will enjoy reading them:

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