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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A personal record: your palm line etc ...

To a librarian, a book is a record of data, information, knowledge or/and wisdom of the author.

Being a librarian for over 20 years and teaching information study and library courses since 1996, I see palm reading (or palmistry) and face reading like I look at a book.

Your palm and your face is a record of your life.

It is for you to create freely and for other to read, interpret and get some understanding of you as a person.

The line on the palm and a face of a person is a record (or a reflection) of one's personality, character, life experience, hidden emotion and health condition etc. As it is a personal record of the person, so it varies from one person to the other.

A record of a person is written by that person. You write it yourself, you are free to create it the way you like.

Throughout one's life, one constantly creating new record and writing new data and information to one's life record book.

I like to read books, and I like to read palms and faces. To me, it is the same in nature. My interest in reading books is being transported laterally to palm and face reading. Nevertheless, the knowledge of palm and face reading and the wisdom of translating your knowledge is something that I always find it hard to master.

Some palmist maybe able to read the record and see the data, others can extract some/selected information. The same palm or face can be read by different people and have different interpretation.

Reading palm line and reading palmistry books help me to gain a lot of insight into how one think and react.

The wisdom of reading and expressing it is a very interesting interactive process.

I enjoy palm and face reading and like to read books on the subject since I started secondary school.

My father, before he passed away, always like to share his knowledge on face reading and palmistry with me. He also brought a lot of books on face reading, palmistry and related subjects and let me read them. Maybe, it is this common interest that made me closer to my father as compare to other siblings.

Both of us like face reading and palmistry so much that we both enrol into a course at NUS Extramural and have a few lessons on face reading and related subjects by a professor.

Now my father had passed away for over 20 years, yet when I read books on this subject, I always recall the fond memory of sharing and exchanging our understanding and knowledge at the dinning room.

If my father is still alive, I think he would appreciate the following youtube videos:

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