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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Most of the time we tend to view criticism in negative mode.

Just reflect on your own experience of giving comments to other. Is it not always given with a good intention.

Hence, if criticism come your way, take it as positively. It is a gift that someone give us to make our life better.

Realize that it meant to help, not to hurt, you will see and read criticism from a different light.

If we are able to face the criticism or negative comments like the way we receive presents, we will have a different perspective in reading the message. With good reading, we will be able to accept criticism as advice and internalized it to make us a better person.

If we take criticism negatively, we will reject the message, yet it is like poison in our body and harm us.

If we take things negatively, we will be moody and being moody, it could lead to depression.

If we take criticism possitively, we will be happy to have some improvement to make. Having improved ourselves and realize that we are a better person, we will be happy. If we make our day joyful, we will live our life with gratitudes and not hatre.

Dexterine Ho

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