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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Insiders Guide to Getting Published in Research Journals - Workshop

Attending a workshop on April fool day?


Here is the details:

The Insiders Guide to Getting Published in Research Journals - Workshop

Speaker: Mr Adam Sutcliffe, Senior Business Manager - SE Asia, Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Target Audience:

The workshop is aimed at anyone seeking a better understanding of the publishing process, and ways to increase their chances of acceptance.


The session contains insider's information on:

- How to get published in the right journal

- How to target your work more effectively

- What editors and reviewers actually look for

- The key questions that make or break a paper

- How to peer review your own work

- The secrets of revision

Date : 1 April 2009 (Wednesday)

Time : 9.30am - 12.00noon

Venue : Possibility Room, Level 5, National Library Building

It is very academic and those who are at the workshop are not fooling around!

Ms Ngian Lek Choh shared her view and personal experience on getting published in research journals and the plan NLB has in place to facilitate NLB staff on publishing. She mentioned that NLB maybe able to help LAS members in the same way by Sept/Oct 2009. So there are more to look up in the months to come!

The joy of attending this workshop is of two folds:

* Enriching and reinforcing professional knowledge: Mr Adam Sutcliffe from Emerald Group gave detail insider information on how Emerald as a publisher helps authtors on getting published in research journals.

* Fulfilling and delighted to have a small re-union with my ex-TP (Temasek Polytechnic) stduents. I was so happy to learn that one of them is a now Ph. D students, the other two are doing their M Sc.

As what I have told my students years ago, I may not be able to gain the title of "Dr", but I am sure my students can make it!

It is joyful for me to see one of my TP students now awaiting the award of Ph. D and be address as "Dr".

I am sure I will meet more students and address them as "Dr" in the future, the NIE groups I taught in 2001 had completed their first degree course or masters course by now. Very soon, I will be able see more Ph. D when I meet them in Yun Nan campus!

LAS Professional Development Scheme points: 46

(Only applicable to librarians who are participants of the scheme)

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