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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

De-Schedule my calendar

Lately I took a look at my calendar and do some de-scheduling.

Besides fulfiling my many obligations, I de-schedule some downtime for yourself.

On my mobile phone calendar, I write down something simple that I would love to do if I have the time: including projects I keep putting off, movie and TV programme I wish to watch and courses that I like to attend.

For examples:

Sunday: Watch morning Lecture Programme on Star Hub Cable vision channel 50

Monday: Attend a talk or write a blog

Tuesday: Movie with a friend or find 15-30 minutes to call an old friend

Wednesday: Practise Piano for an hour

Thursday: Teo Chew Opera Singing

Friday: Marketing

Saturday: Visit library or art exhibition.

It is hard to make having time for yourself a priority, nevertheless after putting it on the calendar, I make it an indulgence I don't have time to skip.

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